Cairns Saints

Premiers 2015 Cairns AFL league, more info below..

About the Saints

Our club is based in Cairns but we attract quality country footy/netball players which creates our formula of"recruit good people first and foremost” culture. The Saints has a proud history of premiership success (13 premierships in 22 years!) pride and selflessness of players/supporters and our common goals (next premierships). Our close knit team of "southern orphans" that strive to train hard, play hard and enjoy the mate-ship of the saints both during the season and outside it!


Cairns is a lifestyle destination
. Forget playing in the mud and rain! Enjoy your
footy on dry grounds, in 25 degree blue sky days, throughout the entire year. Saints outdoor activates include camping, boating, fishing, water-skiing, mountain biking, motor bike riding, hiking & plenty of swimming.

Cairns nightlife is known for great restaurants pubs, clubs, bars….!!

The Saints will assist you with transitioning to Cairns by accomodating you with our player network initially. That may result in permanent accomodation (where the residence has a spare room), and as a temporary measure (if you prefer to live alone). Our goal is to ensure that you don't incur unnecessary expense when you first move to cairns by providing a period of free rent. The Saints also have a network of property managers that can help you find a place of your own.

Payment for players, the Saints offer a generous player incentive structure that rewards best players regardless of whether they are selected 1st or 21st in the side.
Best player receives $400, 2nd best $300, etc down to 5th or 6th best.

Remuneration depends upon the value that the candidate can bring to the club, but the Saints are chappy discuss payments with interested parties. Also assistant coaches are also eligible for best player incentive payments.

Join us next season

The Cairns Saints AFNC is a proud club that welcomes in new players, members and supporters for our 2020 season. We exhibit a friendly environment built on pride, respect and success.The Saints have a Senior and Reserves side in the local AFL Cairns competition and welcome players of all ages and abilities.We have a Senior and Reserves side in the local AFL Cairns competition and welcome players of all ages and abilities.