Aspley Hornets


About the Hornets

Our club is now in its 56th year and has been part of the NEAFL since its inception in 2011. Since then there has been 90 players drafted into the AFL from the NEAFL with our club leading the way with 12 in past 8 years.

Our goal is to continue to be the most successful NON AFL club in the NEAFL and with I premiership, 2 Runners Up, 2 prelims, and 1 Elimination Finals in the past 6 years. Our facilities and Football program are 1st class, with all the support and professionalism you would expect from a second-tier national team.


Relocation assistance: All players relocating to join our NEAFL squad will be given all the assistance to ensure relocation, employment and accommodation are in place. We have had a many players come through our program who we are more than happy to offer up as references. We are than happy to assist in relocation costs for the right players.

All players within our NEAFL program are remunerated according to experience , ability etc. Our salary cap of 275k allows us to ensure all players are paid well for their efforts.

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