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50th Anniversary in 2020 and one of the founding clubs of AFL Sunshine Coast.  Storied history with the club having a couple of periods of not fielding teams.  Reform mid 2000's and had a run of 4 Senior Premierships from 2008 to 2011.  Rose to Div 1 and probably fair to say overstepped club capacity.  Dropped to Div 4 (1 team comp) and have been set about getting financially stable and things back on track.  Currently playing in Div 2 North Comp which should include 14 sides in 2021.  

Won more games in 2019 than previous 5 years combined to play finals and played in a prelim for 2020.  We have a business model we are working to and working toward sustained financial stability and ongoing success.Culture wise we have cleaned out the dickheads and we see ourselves as the community club - everyone is welcomed and regardless of background or ability you will be welcomed and given a go.  Our ladies and mens teams often warm up together and we have a One Club approach to Men's,

Women's and Junior football

The ground has a distinct country feel to it being in a lush setting in the Sunny Coast Hinterland.  Ground surface newly renovated with more work to come over Xmas.  In Feb our very tired clubhouse is being demolished and a new $1.2Mil building going up to replace to be ready just after the start of season 2021.  We will have a full video scoreboard for the start of the 2021 season.  

The on-field improvements and coming infrastructure improvements are evidence of the success of the work we have already done and the commitment to the future.  We are still a work in progress with work needed in our junior space and off field assistance but it is an exciting place to be as we work toward success.  


Lifestyle is great

Sun and surf and sub tropical setting so you don't get the humidity as bad as it is further north.  Winters are great with average days of 22 to 24 degrees and clear blue skies. Heaps of surf options and also some of the best motorbike riding through the Hinterland.  

Work wise we have a heap of development going on in the construction industry and in the Civil space we have club connections to labour hire companies with a heap of work available ongoing for 5 years projected.  Always plenty of work about in hospitality also.  
Our President owns a training business and can advise of best options for courses, funding and career development, planning.  We have lots of connections to Community Services with players completing Youth Work qualifications and work now in that space.  If looking for a career change then this could work for right people - unlimited work in disability support etc too

Housing is tight - COVID has meant that everyone wants to move to the Sunny Coast and lots of pressure on the rental market as a result.  Some of the boys are working together on share housing to welcome recruits etc as a result.

Relocation assistance & match payments

Small relocation assistance may be possible for the right player.  In terms of player remuneration, Qld footy is different so if you are looking to move for $ based on games then stay where you are.  If you are looking for support into a tight knit club that is based in a great place to live that can help with settling in and employment then we can talk $.

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